The Great Indian Spectacle!


One fine day a stroll down the street took me to a crowd.
Curiosity tiptoed in like a nimble footed thief, I found myself inching forward, wondering what it was all about.

Many more like me were struck with the same affliction and stood watching, transfixed.
The crowd was swelling, the air tense, desperate for some information, that was everyone’s collective fix.

“So sad” said an old empathetic gentleman, chatting with people next to him, seemingly in possession of some information.
“What has happened uncle?” I asked. He replied gruffly, “How should I know? Do I look like an enquiry counter at the station?!”

As time passed I got anxious, what if someone had gotten hurt?
But I was jostled around in my quest and elbowed as if I was in the midst of a concert.

The cyclist bumped into the hawker, the vendor into a suit.
This spectacle was the great leveller,all waiting for a peek, the slippers as well as the boots.

Soon, peanu,t popcorn, juice and tea vendors joined the stadium of spectators.
Business started to flourish, but still looming large was the mystery of the unknown, unseen caper

Then as soon as it had started, the show came to an end.
The crowd dispersed, the mystery remained and I realised this show would not extend.

I scratched my head and wondered what I had just seen.
It was like going to a party, uninvited, not knowing why I had even been.

These Bollywood folks just try too hard and think they possess the ultimate entertaining power.
They should come down to the streets and see how even doing nothing can mesmerise people for hours!

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