International Women’s day was a few days ago. Even though I always harbour mixed feelings about this day, it definitely reminded me about some very special women in my life who are my pillars. Even strong pillars can lean and might need some help. This goes out to my special women and to each and every woman out there. You’re perfect and an inspiration.



I’ve held on to your hand for as long as I can remember.
Lovingly guiding me over life’s pebbles and embers.
But now it’s time for me to sit you down.
Listen to these words I say. You will never drown.

Every time an opportunity is lost, remember there will be another. Breathe.
Every time you are overwhelmed, remember there is the day after. Breathe.
Every time an unkind word is spoken, turn and walk away. Breathe.
Every time you yearn for lost pieces of your soul, remember forever in your heart they will stay. Breathe.

Every time you question your worth, remember who you are.
A daughter, a wife, a sister, a mother, need I say more?
That spirit blazing inside you is like an infinite beacon of light.
It can love, it can cherish and show the way, but it will never die without a fight.

Life will still inundate you with the questions of where, what next, where do you stand?
Each time it does, shut your eyes and reach out, that’s me holding your hand.

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