Do you remember me sir? From the signal? I clean your window everyday.

I hope I didn’t leave any smudges with my dirty hands, for that mistake very dearly will I pay.
That man, he watches my every move, every mistake, each penny I make.
Please please don’t roll up that window, just one small coin, my afternoon bread is at stake.

Hallo kind sir how are you today? Remember me? From polishing your shoes the other day?
I’m sorry. I dint mean to make your baby cry. I just thought he wanted to play.
Do you think you could spare that food? I don’t think he wants to eat.
Just one bite and a drink of water will save me from this unbearable heat.

Madam do you think I can carry your bags again?
Don’t give me any money, can you just be my friend?
I’ve never seen her but somehow I feel that you look like my mother.
I don’t think she is dead, but each day I feel the pain of it,I suffer.

We meet again sir but I’m afraid I can’t clean your window this day.
I lie in a heap, tired, hungry, I think right here is where I’ll stay.
I can’t move but I still have infinite stars in my eyes.
And I hope one day you will stop for me, and not just drive by.

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