It flickers, dances, now you see it, then you don’t

Playing hide and seek like a twinkling star

But it’s there.Sitting at the end of that road, that tunnel, that journey

Egging you to try, to fight, to walk, then run towards it

It keeps you warm in the biting cold

It sheaths and shields your passions in the blinding rain

It is baked and stoked on the coals of your determination

It is carved by your shaking but stable hands full of clay and doubt

But it will take shape 

Morphing into people, faces, destinations or dreams

The journey between where you are and where you want to be

I can see you so clearly that it seems you were made for my sight

I can feel you in every pore of my body

My knees might buckle I will still crawl to you

My hands might shiver but my elbows will renew

With every fibre of my body withering and washing away

I will conquer, vanquish , I will have my way.

  1. April 2, 2017 - Reply

    Brilliant, Richie! Wonderful expression .. So. Simple yet so deep. It holds especially true for me, for reasons we’ll known to you 🙂 Keep it up sis.. I can see your destination and determination…You’re getting there faster than you know 🙂

    • April 9, 2017 - Reply


      Thank you :-* :-*

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