I see the tottering feet that once steadily led the way
I see the shaking hands that used to gently start my day
I see the unsure smile in the haze of words that can’t be heard
I see fleeting memories elude and confuse you like a mischievous little hopping bird
How I wish I could spread my wings and shield you from every pain
How I wish all your unfinished tasks wouldn’t make you feel any shame
How I wish I could do and undo all those stubborn knots for you
How I wish you could have everything you ever desired, even though your desires are few
Those once loved movies don’t seem to make sense anymore
Endless hours spent dispatching medicines into colourful boxes
Daily conversations now weaving their way around cobwebs in your head
That always ready smile now rests peacefully in a glass by the bed
You’ve done so much.
Now let me walk ahead of you and let me lead the way
Now put your feet up, till you fall asleep I promise I’ll stay
Now let me stroke your hair and sing,just like you used to
Put your head in my lap, shut your eyes and rest, Now I’m here for you.