An itch to remember



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I have never prescribed to the popular theory of the ‘onset of weariness’ with respect to your spouse as the years go by. All the jokes about the ‘7 year itch’ and ‘Shaadi ka laddoo’ etc elicited a few appropriate and perfunctory titters at best, but their meaning was pretty much lost on me. Why? Because when you fall in love with your best friend, your soul mate, your brother from another mother, your 4 am friend, your gossipy girlfriend, all rolled into one and marry them, it leaves very little space for complaints about spending too many years with them. There, I’ve placed a cliche of my own before you now, possibly as soggy as the Parle- G biscuit you dunked into your tea this morning but I really am being sincere. No matter how much we fight over the most inane things, call each other names like children despite being parents and drive each other up the wall, that love, that oozey gooey brownie kind of love that sticks to the roof of your mouth always lingers.

Of-course being so in love with your hubby doesn’t solve many other worldly issues such as gifts. Yes they are a token, yes, you keep giving each other things through the year so how does one day matter etc but who doesn’t love finding the perfect gift. Seeing a flicker of surprise, happiness and appreciation is something every gifter craves innit?! I was one of this tribe, sitting on the eve of our 7th year of marriage (yes, the ironical significance of this ‘itchy’ year is not lost on me) wondering what on earth I could buy my husband that would make his day truly special. There was a romantic dinner planned but what else could I buy to bombard him with my love?!

Like a possessed Juliet, I made some time and ran to the mall and a few stand alone stores, sifting through everything from practical to romantic gifts, from chaddis, to perfumes to watches to desperate measures like spa vouchers. It was all done and dusted (well, except the spa vouchers of course) nothing appealed to me and after 4 hours of driving myself nuts I was sitting dejected, at a coffee shop, lost and licking my wounds of defeat.

My mind was wandering but my anxious social media seeking fingers went from one post to another till I landed up staring at a poem. ‘I carry your heart’ by E E Cummings. I sat at that coffee shop for a long time, savouring every word, feeling happy and nostalgic and melancholy and grateful, all at once. That poem took me through my own journey, making me remember how we had we met, how we fought to be with each other, how we had made so many precious memories together and how we would make so many more in the years to come. On that eve of our anniversary, I sat in that coffee shop and had a pre-celebration all of my own. Of-course, once I pulled myself out of my trance, I rushed to a late night service where I printed this poem out and gifted it to my husband over our special anniversary dinner. That is the thing about words. They made the stoic, warrior-hearted husband’s eyes moisten up and reach for my hand and he held on to it through dinner. That poem and that evening are still emblazoned in my memory. The day I found those words. Rather, the day that they found me.


  1. September 3, 2018 - Reply

    Your post made me read the poem – ‘I carry your heart’ by E E Cummings again. It has been a favorite love poem and a favorite selection at weddings for many years. The poem has gained renewed interest since being featured in the film, ‘In Her Shoes.’ It is about deep, profound love, the kind that can keep the stars apart and that can transcend the soul or the mind. The poem is easily read, easily spoken, and easily understood by people of all ages. The poem could almost be called a sonnet. It has nearly the right number of lines in nearly the right combination. But, typical of a Cummings poem, it goes its own direction and does so with great effect. I love romantic posts or reading love stories, your post really made my evening awesome. Just in love with concept of love. Thank you Richa for a wonderful post and making it a part of my blog’s birthday celebration. Best wishes.

    • September 3, 2018 - Reply

      @☆Novemberschild☆ (@romspeaks)

      Thank you so much for taking out the time to share your thoughts on the post! I had read a few pieces from him in the past but like you said, there is some perfection in this piece from every standpoint. Interestingly, your contest was my first official entry in any blogging contest and I’m glad I started here. Congratulations again on your journey, and my best wishes that your words move from strength to strength 🙂

  2. September 6, 2018 - Reply

    OMG… your post made the eternal romantic in me well up!! This is so so beautiful 🙂 Touchwood, and lucky you to have found your partner in crime forever! Cheers to the Soulmates, and wishing you many more anniversaries to come together!

  3. September 14, 2018 - Reply

    Well, I not somebody who understands poetry too much. But this one seems to have carried me to my own past where sweet memories of love and romance lay. But more than that I loved your narrative.
    And congratulations for the second prize and your book.

    • September 14, 2018 - Reply


      Thank you so much for your kind words:-) I in turn do not have much of a penchant for writing on romance but I guess when its your own story, you find the words. I am so glad we connected through this post!

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